Entrepreneur Partners brings operating insight to the assessment and ownership of B2B and B2C retail, services, and distribution businesses.


Our investment team includes full-time, Philadelphia-based investment professionals with private equity and operating experience. We seek to develop genuine relationships with business owners and entrepreneurs throughout the transaction process, and we continue to provide the management of our portfolio companies with ample mentoring, resources, and networks post-transaction to help ensure their success, while generating solid returns for shareholders.


As a private equity firm investing the personal capital of its principals, we are able to invest with a flexible, accommodating approach. We are not obligated to enter or exit investments at pre-specified time horizons, nor do we feel the need to complete multiple transactions in a short period of time for the sake of raising the next fund. Our freedom from a traditional fund structure enables us to invest without conflicting interests.  We seek only to create sustainable value through wise investments that have passed our thorough and meticulous evaluation process. In addition, by eliminating the need to manage a fund, we can better focus our time and energy to help grow our portfolio companies. 


The depth of our experience and breadth of our viewpoints enables us to approach acquisitions with deep conviction. We often see more opportunity where others see less, and perceive less risk where others perceive more. In some cases, our hands-on, customizable approach has also allowed us to consider compelling acquisitions that do not yet meet our criteria, but have the potential to do so.